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Thomas Gravereau-Poster-BFF (Beach Friends Forever)

Thomas Gravereau (Thoma Gravro)
Artist from France. He goes through a Luxury brand and advertising agency specializing in cosmetics, a plant-related start-up PR to the world of illustrations.

He expresses "love" using all genres, all identities, all sexuality and color.

A intimate scene that makes you want to hide the eyes involuntarily, he also has a unique vivid color and a little child-like touch. Living and room accents ◎

◆ It is a limited amount limited sale, and it is numbered to all works.
◆ The person's hand-drawn signed.
◆ Frame is not attached. Supported framesHere
◆ Original post card with card.

Size: 40 x 30 cm
Print: Digital Print
Paper quality: Art paper (300 g)
Product code: TG019

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