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Privacy Policy

SO ARE We (hereinafter referred to as "this store") recognizes the importance of customer's personal information protection in the service provided on this online store (hereinafter referred to as "this service") and recognize the importance of personal information (hereinafter Personal Information Protection Act "." As follows, as follows, privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Privacy Policy") will follow appropriate handling and protection.


1. Define personal information

In this privacy policy, personal information refers to "personal information" defined by the Personal Information Protection Act (Article 2 Clause 1), and is information about the individual who survived, and the name of the person contained in the information, It shall point to information that can identify a specific individual by the month and other description, or the like, or an information containing an individual identification code (* 2).
(* 1) It can be easily matched with other information, which involves what can identify specific individuals.
(* 2) Information that can identify specific individuals from the data that takes place for the data, fingerprints, voiceprints, and the insurer number of health insurance cards

2. How to collect personal information

The store may ask for personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, credit card number when customers register. In addition, information on transaction records and settlements including customer's personal information that was made between the customer and partnerships, etc. will contain partner destinations (information providers, advertisers, advertisements, etc. below. You may collect from ".").


3. Purpose of use of personal information

The store will use your personal information for the following purposes.
(1) For provision and operation of our store service
(2) To respond to inquiries about our store service (including identity verification)
(3) For guidance of goods, services, etc. of this store
(4) Of this siteFor contact with necessary maintenance and important notices
(5) To support the act of violating the terms of our store service, policies, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Terms etc.")
(6) In order to notify the change of the terms and conditions for the store service
(7) To help improve the store service, develop new services (8) In connection with the Store Service, create statistical data processed into a format that can not identify individuals
(9) Other purposes associated with the purpose of use above

4. Change of personal information usage purpose

The store may change the purpose of using personal information within a reasonably recognized range when it has relevance, and if it is changed, the customer does notify the customer or on this site by the appropriate method. It shall be published.

5. Limitation of personal information use

The store does not obtain customer consent, except as permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations, and does not deal with personal information beyond the scope required to achieve the purpose of use. However, this is not limited to this case.
  1. When based on laws and regulations
  2. When it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, when it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  3. When it is particularly necessary to promote public health improvement or children's sound development, it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  4. If you need to cooperate with the government's organization or local public organization or its outsourced person, it is necessary to cooperate with the administrative work defined, and hindrance to the execution of the office work When there is a risk

6. Proper acquisition of personal information

This store does not properly acquire personal information and not acquired by false or other unauthorized means.

7. Safety management of personal information

The store performs the necessary and appropriate supervision for the employee of the store so that personal information can be safely managed for risks such as loss, destruction, tampering and leakage of personal information. Also, if the store consigns all or part of personal information handling, you need and provide appropriate supervision so that safety management of personal information can be achieved in the consignee.

8. Third part of personal information

ThisStoreIn addition to the case where disclosure is recognized based on the personal information protection law and other laws, it is not possible to provide personal information to a third party without obtaining customer consent in advance. However, in the following cases, it does not apply to the third party to be set forth above.
  1. When providing personal information as a store consigns all or part of personal information handling within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use

  2. If personal information is provided as succession of business due to merger and other reasons

  3. When shared using based on the definition of the personal information protection law

9. Disclosure of personal information

When the store is asked to disclose personal information based on the customer's provisions of the personal information protection law, make sure that the customer is requested by the customer, and for the customer, Disclosed (I will notify you when the personal information does not exist.). However, with the personal information protection law and other laws and regulations, this is not the case if the store does not have the obligation to disclose.

10. Correction of personal information, etc.

The store is a case where the personal information is not true, and if the personal information is not true, it is determined (hereinafter referred to as "correction, etc.") based on the definition of the personal information protection method (hereinafter "correction, etc.") And confirm that it is a request from the customer, and within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use, we conduct necessary surveys without delay, and according to the results, correct personal information, etc. We will notify you of the customer (if you decide not to be corrected, etc., we will notify you that you will notify you.). However, with personal information protection law and other laws, this is not the case if the store does not require correction, etc.

11. Stopping of personal information, etc.

The store is a reason that customer's personal information is handled beyond the scope of the published usage purpose, or a false or other unauthorized means. If you are required to stop or erase the use (hereinafter referred to as "use stop, etc.") based on the definition of the protection law, we will conduct the necessary survey without delay. Based on the survey, if it is found that there is a reason for your request, it is necessary to stop using personal information without delay, etc. without delay, and customers Notify you. However, this is not the case if the store does not require a duty such as suspension due to the personal information protection law and other laws and regulations.

12. Use of cookies (cookies) and other technologies

    1. Store services may use cookies and similar technologies. These technologies help grasp the service usage of our store through our store and contribute to service improvement. Users who want to disable cookies can invalidate cookies by changing the web browser settings. However, disabling cookies may not be able to use some of the services in the store.

    2. This store uses Google Analytics provided by Google LCC on this service to investigate and analyze the service usage of the service provided by the store service. For more information on how to collect and process data in Google Analytics, please visit our site for more information on Google Analytics.

      Google Analytics Terms of Use:

      Her Google Data Using Her Google Partner Sites and Apps:

      Google Privacy Policy:

      If you do not want your data to be used in Google Analytics, google-Analytics Opto out of Google Please use his add-on.

      Google Analytics Opto-Out Add-on:

    3. This service enables "Google Analytics Advertising Features" and uses the following features to use third-party cookies such as DoubleClick Cookie to improve ads and sites. Google Analytics Remarketing Google Analytics User Attributes Report and User Attributes Report and Interest Report This service uses Google Analytics cookies to grasp your age, gender, browsing history, and the trend of interest in this service Analysis is possible. If you do not want to use "Google Analytics Advertising Features", you can disable tracking through settings. You can disable Google Analytics Opt-out add-ons to your browser.

13. Continuous Improvement of Privacy Policy

The store should be reviewed as appropriate for the handling of personal information, and we will strive for continuous improvement, and you may change this privacy policy as needed.

The contents of this policy shall be able to change without notifying customers, except for the law and other book policies.

Except for this store separately, the change after the change will make effectiveness from the time of this online store.


14. Contact

For this privacy policy, inquiries regarding disclosure, opinions, questions, and other personal information handling, contact contacts in the "Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law" or the store Please inquire from the inquiry form in.

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