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Terms of service

This Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "General Proxis") is a service that SO ARE WE (hereinafter "Store") provides a service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") that provides on this website. Registered users (hereinafter referred to as "User") will use this service according to the terms and conditions.

Article 1 Apply

  1. These terms are applied to any relationship involved in the use of this service between the user and the store.

  2. This store may have various definitions (hereinafter referred to as "individual regulations"), such as rules for use, as well as this service. These individual regulations shall constitute some of these terms regardless of their name.

  3. If the definition of the Terms is inconsistent with the definition of the individual provisions of the preceding paragraph, the definition of individual regulations will be prioritized unless otherwise specified in the individual regulations.

Article 2 Registration

  1. In this service, the registered applicants agree to the Terms of Term will do.
  2. If the store determines that the applicant for use registration has the following reasons, it may not approve the application for use registration, and the reason does not have any disclosure obligation.
    1. When delivering false matters to apply for use registration
    2. In the case of an application from those who have violated this Terms
    3. In addition, if the store determines that the store is not quite quite

Article 3 Managing User IDs and Passwords

  1. Users shall manage user IDs and passwords of this service at their own risk.

  2. Users can not share user IDs and passwords to third parties, or share with third parties. The store is considered to be used by the user's own user's own if the user ID and password combination logged in with the registration information.

  3. The damage caused by the user ID and password used to third parties shall not take any responsibility for all unless the store is intentionally or serious.

Article 4 Usage Price and Payment Method

Users shall apply separately for this service use, and shall be paid separately for this online site by the method of specifying the store.


Article 5 Trading Agreement

  1. In this service, the user shall establish a sales contract by applying for purchasing to our store and that the provision that the author has accepted the application. In addition, the ownership of the product shall be transferred to the user when the store hands the product to the delivery company.

  2. If the user corresponds to one of the following reasons, the store shall be able to cancel the sales contract in the preceding paragraph without predecessing the user.
    1. If the user violates this control
    2. If the delivery of the product does not complete due to unknown and long-term absence
    3. If you admit that the trust relationship between the other stores and the user has been impaired

  3. This store is a settlement method, delivery method, or cancellation method of purchase application, or returned method, etc.It depends on the way to set it separately.

Article 6 Intellectual Property Right

Product photos provided by this service Other content (hereinafter referred to as "content") copyright or other intellectual property rights belong to a legitimate right holder such as a store and content provider, and users are not Can not replicate, reprint, modify, and other secondary use.

Article 7 Prohibition

Users should not do the following in the use of this service.

  1. Act that violates law or public order and morals
  2. Acts related to criminal acts
  3. Action that violates copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights included in this service
  4. Action that destroys or interferes with the function of the server or network
  5. Act for commercial use of information obtained by this service
  6. Acts that may interfere with the operation of the store service
  7. Act for unauthorized access or trying this
  8. Act that collects or accumulates personal information about other users
  9. Action consisting of other users
  10. Act that benefits directly or indirect against antisocial forces in connection with the service of our store
  11. In addition, the act of determining that the store is inappropriate

Article 8 Stopping the provision of this service, etc.

  1. If you determine that one of the following reasons is:, the store shall stop or interrupt all or some of the services without predecessing the user.
    1. When performing maintenance or update of computer system applied to this service
    2. When the service is difficult due to the force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, blackouts or natural disasters
    3. When a computer or communication line etc. stopped due to an accident
    4. In addition, if the store determines that the provision of this service is difficult

  2. This store shall not take any responsibility regardless of the reason or damage to any user or third party due to the provision or interruption of the service.

Article 9 Use restrictions and registration

  1. If the store corresponds to one of the following, to the user,It is possible to limit all or part of the service without prior notice, or delete user registration.
    1. When violating any of these terms
    2. If it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration item
    3. If the credit card that the user has delivered as a settlement means is suspended
    4. If there is a failure of payment obligations such as charges
    5. If there is no reply for a certain period of time for communication from the store
    6. If there is no use for a certain period of time for this service
    7. In addition, if the store determines that the use of this service is not appropriate

  2. The store does not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the user under this Article.

Article 10 withdrawal

Users shall be able to withdraw from this service through a given retdent procedure.

Article 11 Warranty denial and disclaimer

  1. The store is virtually or legally or legal defects (safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, efficacy, fitness to specific purposes, security, etc., errors, bugs, rights violations, etc. It does not guarantee that there is no).

  2. The store is not responsible for any damage caused by this service to any damages. However, if a contract (including the Country) for this service and the user (including the Country) is a consumer contract that the Consumer Contract Act, this disclaimer does not apply, but even in this case The store has a damage caused by the special circumstances (or for a forecast for damage or forecasts) among the damage caused by the user due to the loss of the store (excluding the overwrobing) of the store (excluding overwhelmed) of the store. We do not take any responsibility for).

  3. The store is not responsible for the transactions, contacts or disputes that occur between users and other users or third parties for this service.

Article 12 Change of service content, etc.

The store shall be able to cancel the content change or provision of this service without notifying the user, and this does not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the user.

Article 13 Change of Terms of Use

This store shall be able to change the Terms at any time without notifying the user if it is determined. If you start using this service after changing the terms of use, the user assessed that the terms after the change.

Article 14 Handling of personal information

The store shall be properly handled according to the Store "Privacy Policy" for personal information acquired by the use of this service.

Article 15 notification or communication

Notifications or communications between users and the store is done by the method of provision of this store. The store should notify or contact the contact information, regardless of whether or not a change notification according to the method separately defined by the user from the user to define a change from the user. It is considered to be reached.

Article 16 Prohibition of transfer of rights obligations

Users can not provide a third party to transfer or collateral without prior consent of the store written by the Store.

Article 17 Provided and Court Jurisdiction

  1. In the interpretation of this Agreement, we will use the Japanese law. In addition, regarding this service, we shall eliminate the application of the United Nations Convention on international article trading agreement.

  2. If a conflict occurs with regard to this service, the court that has jurisdiction over the French location of the store is an exclusive agreement jurisdiction.

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