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Taxi Brousse-Poster-Barcelona (A5)

Taxi Broousse (taxi bulls)
An illustration of an illustrator, a textile designer L? A mary (rare marie), a Varcelona based brand that aggregated projects such as a stationery, children's clothing.

We are expanding many illustrations that cut everyday "colorful" and illustrations that draw fun animals. Prints are combined with local companies, and paper uses recycled paper to adhere to the environment.

Modern and colorful, coloring that feels bright should make the room more fun and more enjoyable.

◆ There is a brand logo embossing on the lower right of all works. (Refer to photo 2nd sheet)
◆ Frame is not attached.
(Frame listHere

Size: 21x14.8 cm (A5)
Print: Digital Print
Paper quality: Recycled paper
Product Code: Barcelona-A5

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