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Porcelain brooch - Mendini - Mint and nude (Domestic shipping)

Porcelain brooch by Dutch designer Renske Versluijs.

The color of the porcelain parts is complemented by the color of the coated brass of the brooch. Inspired by the Memphis Group, a design collective active in the 1980s, "Mendini" is named after Alessandro Mendini, a designer and architect who played a major role in this group. All pieces are handmade in his own studio.

Size: 4.5cm
Material: Porcelain, brass coating Country of origin: Netherlands Product code: RVPB-REV-016NS

Renske Versluijs

Renske Versluijs is a Dutch designer who loves materials, colors and patterns. Her collection is characterized by minimalist designs and playful details, and is like a hymn to craftsmanship, making you feel happy. She develops sustainable accessories and jewelry using natural materials such as porcelain, silver and wood, carefully selected for their quality and sustainability. With the mission of " making the world more beautiful while cherishing natural resources and the people who work with us," all items are handmade in her own studio with the cooperation of European artisans.

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