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Free Shipping Target (in Japan only) / Le Petit Lucas du Tertre-Pouch University-Golden Flowers

【Free Shipping Products (only in Japan)】
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A romantic porch with a small flower scattered full of fabrics. One-point one-point manager is handmade using Indian machine weaving, staining and process technology.

※ There are individual differences in shapes and print positions due to handmade products. note that.
※ Washing method: Washing machine Authorous (hot water below 30 degrees or less), but we recommend dry cleaning.

Fashion & Home Decoration Brand for Family established by Marie Lucas and Clemence Du Tertre. Pop and Chic are expanding a lot of prints that combine exquisitely.

Design is Paris, and manufacturing is all manufactured in India, and craftsmen is all manually created.

Size: 43 x 68 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Product code: AH19TOIX

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