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Free shipping (Japan only) / BASTIDE DU LAVAL-Olive Oil Ardence-20CL

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by BASTIDE DU Laval, which has been doing with olive cultivation from olive cultivation in the Provence region of France.
Ardence is a precious olive juice that was first squeezed. You can enjoy soup, salad, freshly baked fish, fresh cheese, etc.

French Loland and Karene and his wife are olive oil brands from olive cultivation in the Provence region. In order to produce the olives grown by ourselves as olive oils in their own hands, construction of oils that minimize the environmental impact. Olive's squeezing is reused as a biofuel used for the heating of the factory, and the olive flesh is also spread to fertilize the soil of the olive field after composting. Processing at the company's factory can reduce the time from harvest to commercialization as much as possible, avoiding loss risk such as natural aroma possessed by olives, and has succeeded in increasing the highest quality.

Internal volume: 20CL
Size: 7.5cm x9 cm x4 cm
Expiration date: December 2022
Material name: French olive oil
Production Country: France
Product code: OILARDE25

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