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New Brand: Kapka


Newly added four collections of Turkish Hoelwear brand "KAPKA" in Japan✨



Three creative friends with different career experience Bilge, Sibel, Saime Horowear brand established by Saime. Three people focused on a bowl of horo who can enjoy a lively and colorful tables and various flavors that you have experienced at the time of a child. In order to revive the tables that three commonly longing, we have brought together the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that have been cultivated for many years. Horow is used in any number of kitchens, every type of table, and is in our memory. KAPKA, which was born to create new happiness from past good memories, is made to be able to use every scene of life. Each product is manually produced using a traditional method and produces different unique hollow products of different expressions. Sustainable and body-friendly Sustainable Kapka Hollow Products, French Select Shop "Merci" and DesignThe in-shop "Moma Design Store" is treated in various shops around the world and is familiar with.

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 kapka2 kapka3
A Little Color
Bright Mediterranean Sun, Turquoise Blue Sea, A Little Color Collection, inspired by blue sky, has a true classic item that transcends the times.

kapka4 kapka5 kapka6
Flow fest
A collection of unique designs that were manually colored using spray and dashing technology using three impressive colors. Use environmentally friendly body-friendly raw materials.Like a festival by 3 colors, we have an item that gives peace of mind that can be left to flow (flow) every time meal.

kapka7 kapka8 kapka9

I was named MIND-POP because I was encountered from a journe from a journey of pop culture and a journey to fuse now and adding pop arrangements to traditional holes. The pattern and form of this design use techniques that have never been tried in the manually produced Horoware.

kapka10 kapka12

80Collection of design of geometric forms, colorful colors, and contrast inspired by Memphis and Disco trends. I will invite you to a fun trip to the past era. We use environment and body-friendly material.

We will continue to arrive new work in the future, so we will notify you in SNS etc.📢

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Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)


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