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New Brand: & K Amsterdam

NEW BRAND:&k amsterdam
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New Netherlands Life Style Brand "& K Amsterdam"✨

& k Amsterdam

Lifestyle brand established in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1992. We are developing colorful and creative home decoration and gifts that lively life. Slide a twist to the Dutch design and alternately combine modern items and classical items, and incorporate fresh and new elements. Inspirations from nature and fashion, we are fusing colorful and playful trend patterns into the collection. Many collaborations with various talented Netherlands young designers and collaboration.

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& k_amsterdam1Pastel color mirror that seems to appear in a fairy tale.
Vertical oval type is 2 colors of purple and pink, round mold is one color development of yellow.


& k_amsterdam2
High quality porcelain plate that produces a fun atmosphere combination of Western pattern design and border color.
Small dishes and cake plates perfect sizeDeveloped with four types of color design: Blue, Red, Pink, Green.
You can purchase 4 pieces of a single piece.

& k_amsterdam3
Colorful and convenient baguette basket designed for baguettes.
It is made with stoneware and is suitable not only for baguet but also fruits and so on🍎

We will continue to arrive new work in the future, so we will notify you in SNS etc.📢

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Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)

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