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New Brand: Brigitte Tanaka

Brigitte BRIGITTE TANAKA (Bridget Tanaka) from French Paris, Brigitte's designer duo, a Japanese Tanaka's designer duo, a Frenchman.

Brigitte tanaka

(Photo Credit: Brigitte Tanaka)

France Paris San Roche Church Boutique is a playful item that they design (eg tee bag shaped a tee bag and a cigarette box shaped notebook, a match box pendant or passport design PC Case etc ...) and items that have a contemporary touch on the antique selected themselves, and select products collected from all over the world are lined up.

SO ARE We have prepared a cup, tray and accessories including a bag of popular organdy materials.

Brigitte tanaka2Brigitte tanaka3Brigitte tanaka4

Brigitte tanaka5Brigitte tanaka6

pleaseProduct pagecheckplease try✨

As we plan to add various items in the future, look forward to🙌


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We start selling imported groceries such as tea and truffle salt!


Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)

NEW BRAND:Taxi Brousse

New Brand: Taxi Brousse

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