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[so are we x international artists x Hasami ware] Collaboration plate - Carole Barraud (Domestic shipping)

So are we have produced original Hasami ware art plates, which are renowned worldwide, in collaboration with popular international artists!

This is a 21cm plate by French artist Carole Barraud .

It is a convenient size to use as a dessert plate or as a plate. It can also be used to place small items or hang on the wall. It comes with a postcard autographed by the artist.

Limited to 30 sets available.

Size: diameter 21cm
Material: Porcelain (Hasami ware)
made in Japan

* Microwave safe, not dishwasher safe

Photo Credit: hanako.kanai

Carole Barraud

French illustrator living in Lyon, France. After studying graphic design, she switched to illustration. She loves to draw fun and colorful images inspired by everyday life. She is especially passionate about and skilled at drawing fruits and vegetables. Official Instagram

What is Hasami ware?

Ceramic ware produced near Hasami Town in Higashisonogi County, Nagasaki Prefecture. It has a history of about 400 years, and is characterized by the beauty of its translucent white porcelain and the delicate and deep flavor of its "sometsuke" (blue-and-white) paintings.
(Extract from the Hasami Ceramic Industry Cooperative Association website)

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