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We have started carrying Sabia!

We have started carrying Sabia, a textile brand from France and Brazil!
Sabia offers napkins, table mats, cushions and other items with the motif of the sabiá, a bird endemic to Brazil.

All designs were done by local designers in Brazil.

↑A cute table set series with Sabia's footprint motif
↑ Napkins and table mats depicting Sabia
↑Pouches (large and small) and cushions with the same pattern are also available.

All are made from high-quality, durable European linen and are entirely produced in France.

Another plus point is that it is 100% biodegradable and produced with the utmost consideration for the environment.

We have a wide variety of colors available, so please take a look!

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Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)


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