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NEW BRAND: Marinski Heartmades

Marinski Heartmades

We have started carrying the ceramic brand "Marinski Heartmades" by Croatian ceramist Marina Marinski!

This product is only available at our store in Japan.

Marinski Heartmade

A ceramic brand by Croatian ceramist Marina Marinski. She is inspired by nature, the greatest and truest inspiration, and continues to create ceramic works every day. She offers high-quality ceramic crafts that can be passed down for generations, regardless of the age of the user.

The creative process always begins with imagination and continues as a skillful play with hands and clay. Each piece is made by traditional craftsmen, "handmade, skillful, heart-made, and above all with the intention of making someone's home a little more comfortable."

Landscapes Collection

A collection of pieces that are hand-painted one by one using watercolor techniques.

All colours and glazes we use on our porcelain are lead-free and food safe.
We recommend hand washing as using a dishwasher may damage the beauty of your piece.

SO ARE WE offers a selection of mugs and bowls.

Each piece is beautifully colored and individually hand painted, making each piece unique with a different pattern.

We plan to continue uploading new works in the future, so stay tuned!
Check out Marinski's beautiful work.

▷ See more works by Marinski Heartmades here

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