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We have started handling the Dutch brand Foekje Fleur.

オランダ発のブランド:Foekje Fleurのお取り扱いを開始
We have started carrying soap dishes and soaps from Foekje Fleur, a Dutch brand that produces environmentally friendly products.
©️ Flower
©️Foekje fleur
Foekje Fleur is a design studio by Charlotte and Foekje, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. All of their products are created with respect for people and the earth.
At first glance, Foekje Fleur's items appear playful, attractive and colorful, but in fact, each design is inspired by serious themes such as environmental pollution.
For example, the soap dish "Bubble Buddy," which so are we has recently started selling, is made from recycled materials collected from plastic products discarded in the ocean, and is a product that encourages the switch from plastic soap bottles to bar soap.
©️ Flower
Each product is created with the hope that their designs will bring about a small change in everyday life.

As global warming accelerates, we live in an age where each and every person living on Earth must pay closer attention to environmental issues and begin to make improvements where they can. It would be great to start by making small changes to the things around us.
Click here for a list of Foekje Fleur items
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Regarding possible delays in delivery of some products


Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)


2nd anniversary campaign underway!

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