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Gift card sales start

This time, we started selling gift cards available for "So ARE We". It is a service that can be freely given online through e-mail.
You can choose from the amount of "¥ 5,000", "¥ 8,000", "¥ 10,000", "¥ 12,000".
If you receive a gift card, you can use it for payment in the Store "So ARE We".
Important family, friends, thanks to those who have been indebted to feelings and celebrations
How about a gift card present?

How To Give IT (Gift)
1. Similar to your normal shopping, put a gift card in a cart and purchase.
2. GetPurchased gift cardYou will receive an email with the URL.
3.  Copy the Gift Card URL and send it to those who want to give a gift.
How To Use IT (How to Use)
1. Open the sended URL to display a gift card.
2. Select your favorite product in the So ARE We input coupon code written on the gift card on the purchase screen.
3. Please enter the information required for delivery, and just wait for the product to arrive.
-The expiration date is within one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.
-The real card does not send.
-The product purchased with a gift card will be delivered in a regular package package. Gift packing is not performed.
▶ ︎ SO ARE WE Gift CardHere

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