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Ana Seixas now available

Ana Seixasのお取り扱いスタート

We have started carrying products by Ana Seixas, a Portuguese designer, illustrator and ceramist.

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Ana Seixas

Portuguese designer, illustrator, and ceramicist. Born in Viseu, Portugal in 1984. Graduated from the Department of Design at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. After that, moved to Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he completed a specialized course in editorial design at Escola Superior de Disseny and illustration for children's books at Escola d'Art i Disseny . He started working as a freelance designer in 2008 , working for companies, art galleries, magazines, etc. In 2020 , he opened his own atelier in Portugal, equipped with a workspace and shop space. He is involved in illustration production, collaborations with magazines, book illustrations, advertising campaigns, package design, and other challenging projects.

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Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)

2/28(火)〜 3/5(日) フランス側倉庫休業のお知らせ

Notice of warehouse closure in France from 2/28 (Tue) to 3/5 (Sun)

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