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2020.11.11 Grand Open !!

2020.11.11 GRAND OPEN!!

Online concept store specialized in design and lifestyle
So ARE WE (Saourwi)"Grand open on November 11, 2020! !

SO ARE We are unannounced brands and muchI can not get itWe are collecting design products from all over the world.
"I want to introduce a creative product in the world, I want to make a place where you can choose with a natural body without doing something I really want"
Because of the thought, women living in Paris and two women living in Tokyo were launched.
Inspire design items from the attractive history of the Mediterranean Sea from Spain,
Products of unique illustrations by Belgian designer,
Colorful populators with a long-established brand of Italy,
Denmark Design Company Worked with Original Typography Works ... etc.
We have a wide range of unique and fun design products and art works that colors lifestyles.
If you translate translated "we also" "so" "like us", 'So ARE We' is
You can enjoy yourself without compromising something familiar with daily life, and you can find something you want natural,
I named you to be able to share the sense and values ​​of what you like.
SO ARE We buy all products directly from the brand and ship from France.
In the future, it is scheduled to be deployed, including baby kids brands, and you can enjoy shopping with a family,
We aim to be a store that can think "find what you want to come here".
I'm glad if you enjoy shopping.
SO ARE We, An Online Concept Store Dedicated To Design and Lifestyle, Will Finally Have Its Grand Opening On November 11, 2020!
We Collect Brands from All Over The World That Have Not Yet Sold in Japan and Products with Designs Rarely Seen In Japan.
We Want To Introduce Creative Products From The World and Create A Common Place Where People Can Choose What They Really Want in a Natural and EasyGoing Way.
THAT's Why We Launched This Shop by a Woman Living in Paris And A Woman Living In Tokyo.
The Design Items Inspired by The Fascinating History of the Mediterranean Sea from Spain.
The Colorful Pop-Up Tablewares by The Venerable Italian Brand, and Original Typography by a Danish Design Company ... etc.
We Offer A Wide Range of Products and Artworks with Unique and Fun Designs THAT WILL ADD Bright Color to Your Lifestyle.
We Named Our Shop 'So ARE We', Based on the Following Concept.
You can Enjoy Choosing The Products You Use In Your Daily Life Without Compromise, and You CannaturallyFind The Products What You Really Want.
We Named It So That We Can Be A Place Where Can Share The Feeling and Values ​​of What We Love.
We Buy All of Products Directly From The Brands and Ships Them From France.
In the future Baby and Children's Brands AS Well, So That Families CAN Enjoy Shopping Together.
We Aim to Be The Store That Makes People Think, "I CAN Find What I Really Want Here".


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Shipping schedule from April 27th (Sat) to May 12th (Sun)


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