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Umbrella - Flower Maze (Domestic Shipping)

 A folding umbrella from Original Duckhead, a British brand that produces environmentally friendly products.

Each umbrella is made from 9 recycled plastic bottles. Eco-friendly item with a bright design. Handmade.

The umbrella opens when you press the button on the handle.

Innovative materials used
- PFC-free waterproof coating
- r.PET canopy made from 9 recycled plastic bottles
- Sustainably sourced birch handles

Major features
- Wind resistant
- Automatic open/close button
- High strength steel frame

Weight: 350g
Length: 35cm
Product code: OD-FM

Materials: Wood, recycled PET, steel and aluminum, fiberglass, recycled paper, cotton

Original Duckhead
Founded in 2012, Original Duckhead is dedicated to helping everyone enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing style or sustainability. Original Duckhead products are made from recycled, reclaimed, biodegradable and sustainably sourced materials.

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