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A mug with a design company based in Denmark Copenhagen, a unique word with PLTY PLAYTYPE, a unique word.

The Beat Mug Collection offers seven types of music, Soul, Hiphop, Punk, Rock, Pop, Glam, and Jazz.

The logo engraved on the Mug of POP is the 11th photo, and the other is the title 10th design.

All are made with high quality Bone China (*).
※ Type of porcelain with cow bone ash (bone ash) in raw materials

A thin and durable and bright and warm shade white, is designed to keep a beautiful condition forever. Plty is intended to maintain sustainable manufacturing, and in order to minimize goods transport, all mugs are manufactured within the EU and packaged in a cardboard box made from recycled paper.

Supports dishwasher and microwave oven.

A design company based in Denmark's Copenhagen, internationally active design company. Established an experimentally established by the designer group from Denmark for over 20 years. With Denmark, Sk Jinavian Mitasia, Plty's design is also affected by both Nordic and international cultural cultural. Today, PLTY products are sold in countries of more than 20 countries, but still their roots are their own roots, designing "Open-minded and playful designs with open-minded and playful designs", and products centered on original typography I am developing.

  • Size: Height 8.5 cm diameter 8 cm
  • Material: porcelain
  • Product code:
    (SOUL) BESOU00001
    (HIPHOP) BEHIP00001
    (PUNK) BEPUN00001
    (ROCK) BEROC00001
    (POP) BEPOP00001
    (GLAM) BEGLA00001
    (JAZZ) Bejaz00001

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