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OUTLET / Stacking Skittle Mug

[This is an outlet product]
Outlet areas: Minor peeling, uneven paint, discoloration, etc. *Please refer to the 6th photo onwards . Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific products.


A mug with a beautiful color scheme. It is made of stoneware, which is warm, stain-resistant, and durable. It comes in an original box, so it is also recommended as a gift. It can be stored stacked.

*Since the painting is done by hand, there may be slight color unevenness.

LUND London
LUND London is a brand launched by British designer Daniel Lund Savage in 2016. Designed with the concept of beautiful and earth-friendly homeware and giftware, each item is made from high-quality, new sustainable materials.

Material: Stoneware
Size: Height 12.5cm x Diameter 8cm (266ml / 9oz)
Weight: 315g
Dishwasher and microwave safe
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