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OUTLET - Plate - Whip set of 4

[This is an outlet product]
Outlet area: Minor peeling or splashes of paint.
*Please refer to the 4th photo onwards . The photo is an example of the outlet. Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific products.


A porcelain plate set with striking candy colors based on the motif of whipped cream.
This is the perfect size for serving cakes and other desserts, or as a small serving plate. This is sold as a set of 4 .

*It can be used in a dishwasher, but not in a microwave.
* Please note that the special box may have minor stains, dents, holes, or scratches during transportation.
*Since this is a handmade product, there may be individual differences in the shape of the plate and the position of the print .
*Please note that as this is a handmade product, there may be slight scratches, peeling, or unevenness in the decorations and prints .

*Please note that there may be areas on the back of the plate that appear to be chipped or discolored decorations .
* Price includes tax for a set of 4 (sold individually).

&k amsterdam
&k amsterdam is a lifestyle brand founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1992. It offers colorful and creative home decorations and gifts that will enliven your daily life. It puts a twist on Dutch design, alternating modern and classic items to incorporate fresh and new elements. Inspired by nature and fashion, it fuses colorful, playful and trendy patterns into its collections. It also collaborates with many talented young Dutch designers.

    • Size: Height 1cm x Diameter 17cm
    • material:
  • Dolomite (soft earthenware)
  • *Pottery made from dolomite (white dolomite) and clay that contains a lot of limestone.
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product code: PWS 2827-01-out

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