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Special water-resistant paper base (vase). I am a historic sophisticated design of Mediterranean Ceramic. Hot stamping of sewing & gold part is one carefully carefully.

This work is drawn by Turkish amulet and Nazar who are supposed to be disasters from disturbances.

1. Prepare a pet bottle that cuts a cup or top of a suitable size.
If you want to use a large flower or leaf, it is recommended to lay the weight of stones and other places to prevent fall.
2. Put water to half the cup, and put the paper-based wolf spread into the cup. It is completed with the flowers and leaves cleanly.
(You can check how to use it from the video under the "Add to Cart" button)

Octaevo from Spain
Brands from Barcelona to deploy inspired design items from the Attractive History of the Mediterranean Sea. We are expanding a large number of colorful and unique design interiors that colors lifestyles.

Size: 265 x 290 mm
Paper quality: 180 g / m2, water resistant paper
Product code:Octnay-18

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