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Free Shipping Target (in Japan only) / Monnette-Soupspoon-Bonjour♡

【Free Shipping Products (only in Japan)】
This item usually has a free 1,900 yen shipping cost.
(In addition, if purchased with normal products, it will be separately delivered.)

Antique spoon Bonjour♡Spoon for soup whose characters were engraved. (The first picture is a reference photo. The product to be delivered is the second.)

I put a carefully engraved with a spoon purchased in the city of Sakai. Everything is not in this world, one point. We will deliver in the original Pochette.

※ You can choose the handle of the handle.
※ In the characteristics of antique products, there is a negative glid for the whole.
※ The color of the photo and the real thing may be slightly different. Please note.

Paris brand to engrave messages in antique spoons purchased at Picardi Brocant (Sakai City). MONNETTE names have taken from the nickname of the founder's grandma's nickname that brought the beautiful things and share the sense of brokando.

Size: Total length about 18 cm wide 4 cm
Material: Silver plate
Product code: MNT-SOUP-BONJOUR

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