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& K Amsterdam-Plate-Western Set

A high quality porcelain plate with a fun look of a combination of western pattern design and border color. Developed with four types of color design: Blue, Red, Pink, Green.
Western-like design produces a cheerful atmosphere with a small size for small dishes and cake plates.

※ Dishwasher and microwave oven are not available.
※ There are individual differences in shapes and print positions due to handmade products. note that.
※ Handmade products may have a faded gold decoration or color of color part, and the printed part may have minute rubbing, peeling, and unevenness. Please note.
※ The position of the & K brand logo on the back of the plate may not be in the middle, but it is not a defective product.
※ The price is the tax-included price of one plate (4 pieces of sets are not available).

& k Amsterdam
& k Amsterdam is a lifestyle brand established in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1992. We are developing colorful and creative home decoration and gifts that lively life. Slide a twist to the Dutch design and alternately combine modern items and classical items, and incorporate fresh and new elements. Inspirations from nature and fashion, we are fusing colorful and playful trend patterns into the collection. Many collaborations with various talented Netherlands young designers and collaboration.

  • Size: diameter 20.5 cm
  • Material: Porcelain (Newborn China)
  • ※ Types of high quality porcelain with cow bone ash (bone ash) in raw materials
  • Production Country: China
Product code: (Blue) PWEB00001
(Red) PWER00001
(PINK) PWEP00001

* January 2022 We have some revised prices with the price increase of the purchase price and the change of exchange rates.

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