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Free Shipping Target (in Japan only) / Haoshi Design-Swallow Clock

【Free Shipping Products (only in Japan)】
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The swallow clock is a distinctive watch that twelve delicate swallows are flying instead of the numbers displayed in a normal clock. Swallows are said to be a symbol of good luck and hope, and the person used by this watch is made to give a good luck wing and giving a power to fly high life.
Twelve swallows are attractive with moving and static astemishable motion and static ache.

In line with the instructions for attaching to the attached method, fix it with double-sided tape supplied with 12 clocks and 12 models of the clock body and paste it on the wall. The center clock body can be fixed even with nails. The clock body moves with one AA battery (battery is not included).

Please check the instructions attached to the product for detailed installation methods.
※ For products that are directly purchased from overseas brands, there is no Japanese instruction manual.

Haoshi Design
A design company specialized in home & living in Taiwan in 2009. It is named Haoshii, meaning "good thing" in Chinese. "Everyone who believes that life is happening and interesting, and it will be good by looking at one of the busy worlds from different angles." Each sophisticated design created from this concept The unique life philosophy is included. Haoshi discovers every "good thing" in life and produces a new story with a new story. Master's skills are taught up to the details of the product, and simple and sophisticated designs have a sense of security and feel that they will be good and good things.

  • Size: 600mm x 600mm x 120mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Product code: SWCX00001

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