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Free Shipping Target (in Japan only) / Chroniques de Bouche-LE 100% CACAHUETE (with frame)

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Watercolor illustrations of French new effluent artist Chroniques De Bouche (Chronic de Bush).

This is a work drawn from the peanut cake (Michael Rigay) (Michael Rigay) (Michael Rigay) is an inspiration.

※ This illustration is not the first white frame, not the first white frame, it will be delivered in the frames of the fourth sheet and the fourth sheet.

◆ It is a limited amount limited sale, and it is numbered to all works.
◆ With certificate.
◆ The person's hand-drawn signed.
◆ Plty's A4 frame. (Oak)

Chroniques de bouche
Paris Illustrator Drawing in Patisserie and Food. A large attention artist, which draws inspired works from a dishes of a famous chef, the artweight, and hot eyes from the Gastronomy world. He has collaborated with au Bout du Champ (Episary for direct delivery), Marabout (Publisher), HIC & NUNC STUDIO (Design Agent), and many chefs and restaurants in Japan and abroad.

Size: 148 x 210 mm (A5 size)
Paper quality: CANSON Art Paper (250 g)
Product code: CB008

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