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Casa Cubista-Small Plate-Mini Pattern Plate Stripe

PortugalInterior brand Casa Cubista terracotta pottery mini plate (biscuit plate).

Portugal Traditional Crafts Terracotta Pottery One of the Stripe series drawn beautiful natural lines. This is the mini size (12 cm) that can be used for tea quotes.Casa Cubista worksAll manually painted.

Terracotta in Italian"Terra (So) "Cotta (baked)", it refers to the baked baked.For careful maintenance and handling of terracotta pottery, please refer to the following method.

※ There are individual differences in shapes and painting positions due to handmade products. note that.

CASA Cubista
Terracotta pottery and textile products, furniture, and other interior brands are designed and produced in Portugal. Founder David and Arren, with the workman owner, design and craft roots, respectively arranger in Portugal traditional crafts, handmade production. It is a happy coincidence product that started from thinking about what we wanted to share with friends around the worldCASA CubistaCubistaIs derived from a white wall and tiled rare cubism style building seen in the alley of the old town.


Size: diameter 12 cm Height 1.7 cm
Material: Terracotta pottery
Handling: Microwave not available. We do not recommend using a dishwasher.
Product code: 0334-2

shopping guidePlease confirm before purchasing.

Terracotta Ceramics Maintenance:

  • Before you are using it for the first time, keep all the products with hot soapy water, and get rinse and dry completely natural.
  • All handmade and painting are also manually done.
  • The trace of the glaze is natural and does not affect the use and durability of the product.
  • After using it, it is recommended to wash and dry natural. The use of a dishwashing dryer is not recommended.
  • Pottery characteristics, jug or mug, bottom of the vase, may have a water droplets that first sweaty, but are a normal phenomenon and decrease over time.
  • Protect a delicate surface (where you can put a product such as a table or shelf) that may be affected by the watermark.
  • If you live a flower in a vase or jug, please replace the water every day.
  • When storing long term, make sure that the product is completely dry and save it. It is recommended that you keep it upside down to the well-ventilated place.

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