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Bitossi Home-Plate-Bel Paese Fruit Plate (PEAR)

Paris & Lisbon Based Design Studio Sam Baron and CO (Sam Baron) with a collaboration series Bel Paese plate.

It is a convenient size that can be used for various applications, such as appetizers, desserts, and especially.

※ There are individual differences in shapes and print positions due to handmade products. note that.

Ceramic brand based on Tuscan region. A craftsman is manually drawing in a town studio from Florence. Classic designs are developed from various variety collections to contemporary designs, and all works combine beautiful form, color balance, simpleness and elegance. In recent years, we have a lot of works that are collaborating with Milan's popular shops and French designers, and we have announced a lot of works and traditions.

Size: diameter 20.5 cm
Material: porcelain, decal (color)
Handling: A dishwasher available (up to 250 times). Microwave not available.
Product code: Bel00021

※ 2021 / 7/22 We have some revised price with the price increase of the purchase price and fluctuation of exchange rate rates.

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