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Kapka-a Little Color-Mug

The Mug of the "A Little Color Collection" of the Enamel (Hollow) wear brand "Kapka" launched three people in Turkey.
Bright Mediterranean Sun, Turquoise Blue Sea, A Little Color Collection, inspired by blue sky, has a true classic item that transcends the times.

A Little Color Collection is one of the most versatile works in the Mediterranean Sea Collection This mug will increase vintage by using for a long time. You can use it according to your preferences, such as warm drinks and cold drinks, cooking sorting and dishes. This beautiful color is difficult to fade even if it is a dishwasher or hand washing, and cleaning is easy.

Because it is manually patterned, there is a difference in color votes and there are individual differences in the appearance of color.

※ Since all manually patterned, small unevenness, color votes, rubbouts, peeling occur or individual differences in color.
※ Because the product is suspended and dried in the manufacturing process, it takes place on the back of the edge, the peeling of the painting and a handle product have a small hole for taking the air to the hand part. (Small air bubbles are part of enamel coating).
※ Inside the product of the product, there may be seams of thin lines that can be made by the production process.

Three creative friends with different career experience Bilge, Sibel, Saime Horowear brand established by Saime. Three people focused on a bowl of horo who can enjoy a lively and colorful tables and various flavors that you have experienced at the time of a child. In order to revive the tables that three commonly longing, we have brought together the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that have been cultivated for many years. Horow is used in any number of kitchens, every type of table, and is in our memory. KAPKA, which was born to create new happiness from past good memories, is made to be able to use every scene of life. One product is manually produced using a traditional method, and one of them produces unique hollow products with different facial expressions. Sustainable and body-friendly Sustainable Kapka Hollow products are treated in various shops such as French select shop "Merci" and design shop "Moma Design Store", and familiar with various shops around the world.

○ About handling of enamel products
Enamel is easy to suppress bacteria and easy to clean due to smooth and porous surfaces made of glass. You can use it for a long time as an organism by correct usage and maintenance.

Size: diameter 8 cm / height 7 cm, weight 170g
Color: Turquoise Green, Mustard
Material: Enamel
Production Country: Turkey
Product code:(Turquoise green) MGBR1101 (mustard)MGBR1102

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About Kapka's Enamel (Hoel) Products

All products are manually produced using traditional techniques in Turkey. Handmade Enamel's skilled technology and craftsmanship are characteristic of KAPKA.
Hollow products are coated with a glass-based powder paint called enamel on a press-processed steel plate and paint enamel to iron and put it in the kiln.
Depending on your design, use various methods such as dipping, splash, spray, and re-fired and re-burn, and finish it into the final design.

■ Durable and relieved
-Addroads such as picnic and beaches can be used outdoors.
-It is a durable or durable even if you fall or hit.
-It does not dissolve color and print.
-Since heat sterilized to 800 ° C., it can be used with confidence.

■ Sustainable to the body
-A use only natural raw materials (all products use lead-free enamel).
-Shoromatic paints that do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead and cadmium.
- 100% recyclable.

■ Practical
-Wash it with a dishwasher without losing color and design.
-OK as well as freezer but also to oven up to 250 ° C.
-At supports IH and normal oven dishes.
-Easy care.
-The warm and warm.
-In the cooling of drinks and food.

About handling of KAPKA's Hollow Products

· Available for dishwasher.
· If dirt is dirty, soak in baking soda and lemon juice and then wash it as usual.
· Because the roof product is iron, please refrain from using the microwave.
· Use in oven can be used up to 250 ° C.
· While using the highest quality enamel, the color may change if there are many contact with the acidic food. Also, blue coloring products may be sensitive to acidic food than other colors.
· There is no problem with storage in the freezer.
· Kapka's hollow products are missing even if they are missing. After lacking, it is recommended that you do not heat at high temperature so that wounds do not spread more.

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