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Extranorm-Voila Collection-La Lune Tray

The tray of creative design of the interior brand "Extranorm" "by the French architect and designer Patrick knoch.
It is a tableware collection with a Limogian porcelain, a high-grade porcelain in France, and is hand-painted and decorated.
We have items that color coffee and tea time color and make a sophisticated atmosphere. Extranorm Stores in the original box and delivered.
※ It can not be used in the microwave.
※ For all hand-painted products, it may have slight color rubbing for patterns and engraving. Please note.

Extranorm is an interior brand founded by Architect and Designer Patrick Knoch, who plays a remote location. We value "Savoir-Vivre" that means manners and courtesy in French, and we are developing various products such as furniture and tableware for people who like beautiful things. A high-end of the extranorm's high-end product, beyond everyday imagination, surprise and suggestion, and invokes the imagination of people. Geometric and pure form characterized by the finest materials and colors, all products are manually produced in French Limogean studio.

  • Size: Length 255mm Width 100mm
  • Color: Gold
  • Material: Extra White Rhesting Porcelain
  • Designer: Patrick Knoch
  • Production year: 2017
  • Production Country: France (Limogu)
  • Product code: VOLL2017002

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