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Illustrator from Belgium Illustrator Helen B Handwritten Message Painted Porcelain Spoon. There is also a series of copies. Supports dishwasher and microwave oven.

※ For all handmade products, there are some individual differences such as illustrations and character locations.

Helen B
Helen B is an abbreviation of Illustrator Helen Blanchaert from Belgium, and is a hilarious 40s full of artistic talent. Helen has made her daily life more fun, draws her own world view to illustration, cherish her "honest, transparency, pleasure", and produces various products. It is a feature that comes with illustrations of her unique handwritten and quotes. Helen B's collection is the most out of people and nature, and is made as handmade as possible, and Helen itself is closely involved in all production processes. Most of her collections are produced in the local studio in Belgium and contribute to the local socio-economic economy.

  • Size: 16 cm in length
  • Color: Black Ink on White
  • Material: porcelain, ceramic, indian ink
  • Production Country: Belgium
  • Product Code: SPFUI00001

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