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Free Shipping Target (in Japan only) / Brigitte Tanaka-Organza Bag (L)

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Brigitte Tanaka's Organsi Material Shopping Bag. 'Metiers d'Antan' (such occupation) is drawn by embroidery into the bag in the form of a plastic bag. This model is "Jardinerie" that means a horticultural storeExpand 2 design of "Quincaillerie" that means a hard item store. A large size size that is larger than the other series (Boulangerie and Boucherie) and can withstand 6 kg. The design with a contemporary touch with a long-fashioned plastic bag, and a word embroidered in the bag, a word from a word with a plastic bag (a bag against a plastic bag) minimizes the consumption of a register bag. The message of trying to consider the environment is transmitted. Of course, as a main / subbag, it is a robust bag that can be used as a daily shopping. ※ There are individual differences in shapes and embroidery positions due to handmade products. note that. ※ Washing method: hand washing or washing machine (water or less than 40 degrees)


Brand & Concept Store from France Paris, where French BRIGITTE and Japanese Tanaka's designer duo develop. France Paris San Roche Church Boutique is a playful item that they design (eg tee bag shaped a tee bag and a cigarette box shaped notebook, a match box pendant or passport design PC Cases etc.) and items that have a contemporary touch on their own and themselves are added, and select products collected from all over the world are arranged.

Size: Vertical 58 cm x Horizontal 43cm + Handle 28 cm / 13 cm
Material: Organdy
Product code:(Quincaillerie) BT-SAC-QUI,Jardinerie)BT-SAC-jar


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